Slévárny Třinec, a.s. environmental policy in accordance with ČSN EN ISO 14001
The basis of an environmental policy is to establish and maintain procedures that are in the spirit of national policy on the environment and are in accordance with applicable legislation of the Czech Republic and other regulations in this area. It must operate in a manner that ensures the influence and impact on the environment has not been significant, while ensuring their minimization. Slévárny Třinec, a.s. considers environmental protection one of its standards. The company must ensure that all employees know these procedures, understand them and are continuously updated with a view of determining environmental objectives.        The following principles are part of our environmental policy: Principle #1 Meet all legislative requirements for environmental protection and accident prevention when developing, producing, storing and transporting our products. Principle #2 Improve the technical parameters of production equipment and technologies to permanently reduce the negative impact of our manufacturing activities on the environment and the workplace.  Reduce energy, material and raw material consumption through the modernization of production facilities and technologies. Principle #3 Communicate the principles of environmental behaviour to our external collaborators, partners and suppliers and ask them to observe environmental protection, and examine the responsibility of their actions and behaviour in this area. Ensure open access to information on environmental aspects of the company, effective exchange of information with other stakeholders (public, business partners, governmental bodies) and evaluation of suggestions for further improvement Principle #4 Permanently increase the awareness of all those who work for the organization, or on its behalf, of the principles of environmental protection, improvement of working conditions, the prevention and possible consequences of production activities on the environment and the principles of environmentally considerate behaviour of employees in the manufacturing processes of their regular education and training. Fulfilment of environmental policies are the responsibility of all production and non-production departments in the framework of its activities with regard to the riskiness of their activities, products and services so that the development company is facing a permanent and irreversible reduction of negative impacts on labour and the environment. Fulfilment of the following duties is necessary for successful implementation of this policy: a/ Top management 1. Permanent creation of organizational, personnel and financial resources for the establishment, development, maintenance and improvement of environmental management according to ČSN EN ISO 14001 (hereinafter referred to as EMS). 2. Oversee the development of a functioning and effective control system for verifying the functionality of EMS. b / Executives at other levels 3. Oversee work on the fundamental goal - the establishment, development, maintenance and improvement of EMS. Promote its fundamental strategic objective – management of an EMS responsible person who controls the production process and its scope. 4. Create conditions ensuring a quality product in compliance with established EMS procedures. 5. Consider the planned, sustained, purposeful and well-documented adherence to EMS at all stages of the production process as part of daily management. c / Employees in manufacturing 6. Respect the basic fundamental strategic objective – Every worker is responsible for maintaining EMS throughout a range of activities carried out within the production process. 7. Avoid accidents and remove barriers to the provision of EMS in their department. 8. Immediately notify your supervisor about any deviations in compliance with EMS that the employee cannot overcome alone. 9. Systematic self-education. Slévárny Třinec, a.s. senior management is responsible for: * Creating sufficient human, material and financial resources and other conditions for the enforcement and implementation of EMS policies and objectives at all levels of management and exploration of their availability and adequacy. * Ensure compliance with binding legal and technical legislation applicable to the production program * Create conditions for the improvement of information technology and its application * Create conditions for the use of quality material resources and labour resources * Set an example for upholding the principles of EMS The same approach will be required from all other levels of management. V Třinci dne 12.2. 2015                                       ing. Zdeněk Vladár                                                                      ředitel Sléváren Třinec, a..s.
Environmental policy
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