The SLÉVÁRNY TŘINEC, a.s. QUALITY POLICY is in compliance with ČSN EN ISO  9001:2009
The key business activity of Slévárny Třinec, a.s. is the manufacture and sale of castings. The main goal of our business is to fully meet the needs and requirements of existing and future customers concerning reliability, safety, quality, price and delivery terms. Their satisfaction is a direct by-product of the quality of our work. Our strategic objectives in various areas are defined by the following basic approaches and principles: A. Partnerships * Customers and suppliers are considered partners who directly contribute to the quality of our products. The essence of our cooperation is the focus on current and future requirements of our customers. Considerable emphasis is placed on expanding cooperation with these partners, especially in the wide selection of steel castings, iron castings with spheroidal and graphite flakes,..... * We gain our customers‘ confidence by meeting the required product quality parameters, delivering a high level of technical quality, providing excellent workmanship, and increasing the utility properties of our products through innovation, development of new technologies and maintaining a high level of service. * We build long-term relationships with key suppliers and fulfil our contractual obligations. B. Technology * Development of our standard product offer * Technological and research activities focused on increasing product quality * Introduction of new products and production technologies * Meet current and future expectations of customer requirements for quality * Efficient use of raw materials and energy, thereby reducing their consumption C. People Increase our intellectual capital, which is an essential element in the management of human resources. We focus on: * Increasing competence (qualifications, knowledge and abilities) for employees on all executive and managerial positions * Imparting a sense of responsibility for the quality of finished and rough products * Developing a system that prepares and motivates employees so they meet the needs of the company's development and suppress undesirable fluctuation of key employees * Encourage employees to use all of their abilities for the benefit of Slévárny Třinec, a.s. * Guarantee the development of each employee‘s professionalism and initiative in an environment of open communication and social security D. Management * The promotion of process principles in manufacturing and key service activities, together with project management and teamwork at all levels, are essential for improving the quality system. Management is responsible for: * Responding to the changing environment and customer needs * Maintaining financial stability during periods of global recession. * Recognizing and utilizing the skills of their employees and providing them with an environment to achieve Slévárny Třinec, a.s. objectives * Responding to new applicable legal regulations and standards for quality * Improving decision-making processes for choosing methods of measuring, collecting, analysing and evaluating data and information and increasing the competence of employees in using these methods * Acting professionally in regards to the environment and health and safety at work * Meeting these approaches and principles in close co-operation with the entire staff What management expects from their employees: * Knowledge that a satisfied customer is the objective of our business * Proactive approach to work and a continuous effort to improve * Identify with being an integral part of the company and actively assisting in giving it a good reputation * Transfer of knowledge and experience between professions and "generations“ * Continuing with their self-education V Třinci dne 8.3.2015                                          ing. Zdeněk Vladár                                                                       ředitel Sléváren Třinec, a..s
Quality policy
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