We have been satisfying customer needs since 1842

We are a traditional Czech manufacturer of cast products from steel, grey iron,
ductile iron and non-iron metals.

About the company

We offer technical support, reliable high-quality deliveries for various industries such as the railway and shipbuilding industries, metallurgy,

engineering and manufacturing, automotive and others.

We employ 650 experts and produce 35,000 tons of castings every year. Today, more than 60% of our castings are exported to 20 countries around the world.

Since 1999, Slévárny Třinec has been an independent joint-stock company and part of the Třinecké železárny – Moravia Steel group.

Slévárny Třinec, a.s.

Průmyslová 1001, Staré Město 739 61 Třinec

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+420 558 532 840 foundry@trz.cz

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