Organisational Structure Organisational Structure
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INTRODUCTION COMPANY PRODUCTION QUALITY REFERENCES CONTACTS DOWNLOAD Technology and Metalurgy SLtm Marketing  SLm General Meeting Supervisory Board Board of Directors Director RSL Information Technology Specialist SLi Secretary SLx Technology and Quality Director RST Economic and Personnel Director  RSE Production Director RSV Quality Management  SLtj Steel Technology SLtmc Sales  SLop Logistics  SLoe Iron Casting Technology SLtms Research and Development SLtv Steel Foundry  SC Gray Iron  Foundry II  SG Operational Plan Production SLvp Dispatching SLvd Wood Pattern Shop SD Professional Services Management  SLep Technical Development SLvr Purchasing SLvn Sales Director RSO Department is included in the environmental management system and OSH management system Financing  SLef Controlling  SLec Maintenance SU Department is included in the Quality System Manager QMS, EMS, BOZP Projects SLp Process Engineering SLs Gray Iron  Foundry I  SS